Power Counseling PLLC

Power Counseling PLLC

Helping clients discover their inner healing powers!.

Power Counseling PLLC

Power Counseling PLLC

Helping clients discover their inner healing powers!.

Appointments at the DC Office

In-office appointments are available only on Saturdays at the Washington DC office. Teletherapy sessions are available all week for clients in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. Read More

My Specialty

Impulse Control Disorders Over the years, I have worked with children with behavior problems, in-home; children and adults who have problem controlling their anger; adults who are not faithful to their spouses; adults who are addicted to different things, including porn, sex, drug, alcohol or shopping. For eight years, I treated adult sex offenders. One thing that all these have in common is a problem saying no to destructive impulses! In other words, they have impulse control problem. Read More

What We Do

Psychotherapy is our business! We sit down with you to explore and resolve the issues that you bring to therapy. As part of the process of helping you heal, we build a special relationship with you, based on trust. Using this relationship, we seek to engage in empathic interactions with You Read More

How We Do It

Educating you about your condition or illness and how to cope with it is a very important part of how I work. The rest of the work would explore, with you, how your thinking patterns, relationship patterns, or communications patterns may be contributing to your condition or illness. Finally, we work with you to examine what you need to change about these and what you can do to feel better. In many cases, helping you identify lifestyle changes that you can make and stress-reduction activities that you can engage in can go a long way to improve your daily life. Read More

Hi, welcome to the Power Counseling and Treatment Services (PCTS) LLC website. My clients call me Dr. Zubbie, or simply Zubbie. This sets the stage for a relationship that facilitates the work that we do together, to address any mental health or relationship concerns that they may have.



Group Day: Saturdays Group Time: 3.00 – 4.30 p.m. (90 minutes) Group Location: 4545 42nd Street, NW, Suite 304, Washington DC 20016 Group Focus/Target: Adult Men Program Duration: 16 weeks Why Focus on Men? Compared with women, men are more likely to be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, attention deficit disorder, conduct disorder and many other mental health conditions that have their origins in impulse control problems. For example, men are more likely to be involved in serious auto accidents, in road rage and other violent confrontations, and even in infidelity. Also, men tend to dominate the sex offender population,..

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    Our Practice Locations

    • 717 E. Elmer Street, Vineland, NJ 08360.Tel:856-906-6167
    • 4545 42nd Street NW, Suite 304, Washington DC 20016, Tel: 202-813-0454, Fax: 856-839-4118.

The Problems & Issues We Address

For us, as therapists, any symptoms or problem behaviors that you present to us constitutes a problem. That’s what we work with you to resolve. You tell us what symptoms that you have and we turn them into a diagnosis, and go to work, using a treatment plan that we develop collaboratively with you.Read More