Common Problems that Relationship Therapist in Washington DC Can Help With

Do you feel like you want to seek divorce from your partner? Have you found that your partner is cheating on you? Including these, there are many reasons why people look for relationship counseling. Our relationship therapist at Power Counseling PLLC in Washington DC has noted some common problems from couples who seek help for their marriage. Certainly, there are many other marital issues, which can be addressed during therapy sessions. Based in Washington DC, Power Counseling PLLC has experienced relationship therapists to help you reclaim your relationship. They help you get back in love and reclaim your lives together.

relationship therapists in Washington DC

BLENDED FAMILIES & REMARRIAGE – Divorcees are more likely to be a bit nervous about getting married again. According to the statistics, the divorce rates for second marriages are even higher than first marriages. And for the ones who already have kids, blending two families becomes difficult. Relationship therapists assist couples in making a smoother transition. They also help them overcome obstacles and barriers to remarriage.

MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS – If one partner has a mental health issue, it certainly impacts the other partner, as well as their relationship. Mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, can take a toll on a relationship, over time. Other mental health issues, such as bipolar disorder can also interfere with a couple’s ability to maintain a healthy relationship. For example, communication is difficult for someone dealing with bipolar disorder given their frequent mood changes. Couples can benefit by attending therapy sessions together to learn how to work together to treat and deal with mental illness.

PHYSICAL HEALTH CHANGES – Physical health problem often has a big impact on marriage. As a couple experiences a gradual, age-related decline in health, it can significantly interfere with their activities together, including their sexual life. Life changing events, such as involvement in auto accident, or chronic illnesses like diabetes, can bring about a big change in their marriage. If one partner is unable to work or help in household chores, it can lead to a lot of marital problems, if it is not addressed effectively.

ADDICTIONS & GRIEF – Addiction is one of the most common reasons why couples seek help from the relationship therapist. However, addiction doesn’t necessarily have to be to drugs or alcohol. Cybersex or Internet addictions and gambling addictions are common, as well. Whether a couple is grieving the loss of a child, or loss of a parent, it can be devastating to the marriage. Before the fear tears both of you apart, seek help from the relationship therapist at Power Counseling PLLC in Washington DC.

COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS – Communication is one of the important keys that open doorways to a happy, healthy and a successful relationship. But, if a couple struggles to communicate, then everything from solving problems, resolving conflict, and making decisions become difficult and stressful. Our marriage therapist helps couples learn new skills to make their communication better and more functional.

Do not wait until the last minute, when things go out of control and cannot be resolved easily, often leading to separation. If you’ve been thinking about seeing a marriage counselor, Power Counseling PLLC has a team of award-winning relationship therapists in Washington DC who provide some of the best solutions to common relationship issues.