Impulse Control Disorders

Over the years, I have worked with children with behavior problems, in-home; children and adults who have problem controlling their anger; adults who are not faithful to their spouses; adults who are addicted to different things, including porn, sex, drug, alcohol or shopping. For eight years, I treated adult sex offenders. One thing that all these have in common is a problem saying no to destructive impulses! In other words, they have impulse control problem.

  • Do you have a problem making or keeping friends because people don’t like how you behave?
  • Do you flirt with or engage in sexual activity with someone, other than your spouse or significant other?
  • Do you say things, or even hit someone, in anger only to regret it later?
  • Do you find yourself eating, drinking, using drugs, having sex or shopping, compulsively?
  • Do you find yourself engage in any behavior, at all, without giving adequate and careful thought to the consequences of doing that?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions, above, you need to speak to me. We will have to determine, together, whether you need help with skills to manage your impulses, better. I will work with you to assess for anything in your childhood, culture or environment that make it hard for you to resist your impulse.
Successful work with me, on impulse control, should leave you a happier and more satisfied person. More successful, because you would have developed self-discipline to plan ahead and make good choices in your life. Happier, because you would have new skills to build better and lasting relationships. More satisfied, because you can say no to the destructive impulses that account for your hitherto maladaptive behaviors! You will have limited or no more problems with immediate gratification!!