Results-oriented Family Therapist in Washington DC


Growth Brings Positive Change, for individuals and families alike

Has any family member experienced a mental illness? Are family members having difficulty with showing and sharing respect, kindness, or appreciation? Is one or more of your family members dealing with an addiction or mental trauma? Is effective communication lacking in your family? Power Counseling can help you! We have experienced family therapists in Washington DC who can help you develop skills to build stronger, happier and more intimate relationships. We provide supportive counseling to help children and parents interact, communicate and grow together. Counseling is an effective way to improve the way your family communicates. Family therapy can help you set up healthy patterns of interaction and communication that can last a lifetime. Power struggles between family members happen in many families. Seeking professional family counseling from an experienced therapist can help you regain the peace and grow together.

Family Therapist In Washington DC

What We Do To Help You Improve Your Relationships

Our expert and the highly skilled family counselor will meet your family to kick start a conversation and complete an assessment. The goal is to identify areas of strength and concern, with a view to exploring a solution that restores peace and devises new ways to interact. Our counselor might ask you to fill out a questionnaire or two. He may want to consult separately with the parents and the children. In the counseling sessions, it might be possible that our counselor may work with you to come up with a family structure that better suits your situation. These are designed to assess strengths and needs of the family. They are also meant to provide means for you to support each other to make the needed change, give that change is a difficult process.
For family counseling with younger children, under age 12, the counselor may use some form of play therapy when working directly with your child. This could include the use of therapeutic games, art materials, sand tray figurines and storytelling. Our therapy for young children includes play techniques, and our family therapist will assess what level of play or talk interactions are best for your child.

Few Changes That You Might Experience After Therapy

  • Enhanced communication with and honesty towards each other
  • Feelings of “Unity is Strength” amongst all family members
  • More respect and trust of children toward parents and vice versa
  • Better performance in schools and an increased maturity level
  • Improved confidence in your in your parenting skills
  • Overall, a better functioning family that meets the social and emotional needs of members

Whether you are looking to improve your relationship, manage anxiety or relieve depression, or need a better functioning family, we work with you to make concrete plans and take clear steps to help you achieve your therapeutic goals. In addition, we can help yous gain insights necessary to improve your life.