Family Therapist in Washington DC Helps Parents Focus on Child’s Temperament

The unique individual characteristics of each child define the way in which he/she approaches the world. This is what temperament is about. The Power Counseling PLLC Family Therapist in Washington DC can help you understand your child’s temperament and use that knowledge to be the best parent for your child. Seeking professional family counseling from an experienced therapist can help you anticipate your child’s responses to certain situations, because you understand their temperament.

Family Therapist in Washington DC

Generally, activity level, emotional intensity, frustration tolerance, reaction to new people and change are the five traits that describe an individual’s temperament. Temperament is not something that is being created. Instead it’s what your child has. A child’s temperament shapes the way he/she experiences the world. For instance, if students are invited to attend a classmate’s birthday party, a child who is cautious and needs time to feel comfortable in new situations may choose not to attend. On the other hand, the child who is more outgoing may be the first one to drop-in for the party.


The way a child behaves and approaches the world is shaped by his/her experiences and the way they interact with their parents. For instance, children who are temperamentally shy can suddenly become more outgoing and comfortable in new situations or settings. If you are a parent, expect that, sometimes your child can act or react in a way that you may not expect. The fact that your child can surprise you is one of the most exciting and even delightful rewards of parenthood.


It’s very important to accept your children for who they are, although there are temperaments, which are much easier to handle. Ask a parent whose child has a reactive, intense behavior; one whose child is very shy and the one whose child is slow in mixing with others. They will tell you that parenting these children present different challenges. But each will accept what they have and work with each child to change what needs to change. Your child’s behavior may remind you of your own areas of weakness that you need to work on and change, such as being easily hurt by someone’s unkindness. Sometimes, you may feel discomfort with the ways in which your child is very different from you. All of that is normal.


Have you ever felt yourself isolated from, being misunderstood or even put down by family, friends, and neighbors who judge your child or your parenting skills? Do not feel disheartened. Instead, use these situations as opportunities to educate others about your child or to learn more about what to do to help your child change about themselves or their behaviors. You can also help others see your child’s behavior from a different perspective.

The goal of the family therapist at Power Counseling PLLC in Washington DC isn’t necessarily to change your child’s temperament, but to help them make their temperament work for them. The therapist shows them their strengths and work with them on the areas where they may need more support to improve. The family therapist helps your child adapt and expand his/her world, and to feel more confident about their place in it.


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