Divorce Mediator In Washington DC

Divorce with Less Stress

Sometimes, marriages fail. The end of a marriage can bring relief to some people. At the same time, it can also be an extremely stressful event for others. When marriages break up, children and possessions must be addressed, amid emotional distress. For this, people sometimes seek a mediator to help them decide who gets what, in an equitable and cost-effective manner. At Power Counseling, we have experienced divorce mediator in Washington DC who can provide couples safe environment to negotiate issues, as part of the divorce process. Our expert divorce mediator guides you through the complex process of getting divorced and the ensuing settlement agreement. Issues covered in this process can include child custody, child support, and parenting, as well as property division and financial support from a spouse.

Divorce Mediator In Washington DC

Mediation is Vital Because….

You Are Given The Chance To Be Heard – In the mediation process, you are offered both the setting and support to express your views, often without an attorney present. Couples who stop talking and start avoiding each other when they decide to separate, can express their individual views during mediation. In mediation it’s a conversation, not a fight.

You Have Control Over The Outcomes – When third parties, whether attorneys or judge, are involved the atmosphere is usually adversarial. In mediation, however, you have control of what happens in your life. You will take all the crucial decisions about your family and assets. In mediation, courts can’t tell you what you will receive in settlement. Your lawyer sends the final memorandum of agreement to the court for approval. Mediation can help you with acknowledging emotions, improving communication, or solving your problems.

You Will Undergo Healing Process – The uncertain and disheartening result of a long-fought court battle involves blame, bitterness, and damaged relationships. Mediation can provide opportunity for better communication and conflict resolution skills, reducing bitterness.

You Can Feel Proud You Handled Your Divorce Case – You can do your divorce in a much different way than you did your marriage. In mediation, you have the chance to close the door of your marriage with full self-respect intact. You will be able to speak up for the issues, instead of running away from them. You do this in a way that doesn’t betray your values.

You Save Time, Money, and Emotional Strain –When both parties work with mutual consent, time, money and emotions cost considerably less, compared with those borne in a typical contested divorce. Prolonged divorce depletes assets, entails expensive professional services, and interferes with opportunities for personal growth. Divorce mediation, by contrast, helps achieve closure.

Mediation. It Works!!

It is always considered best to settle a divorce case by an agreement between the couple. It makes sense! Through mediation, in the case of divorce, you reduce the troubling symptoms and create positive change in life.

Educated and highly trained professionals who specialize in mediation lead the sessions. Our Divorce Mediator helps you and your partner to reach aggrievements that are equitable and fair. The duration of the program varies from case to case and from person to person.

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