Azubike I Aliche, DSW, LICSW
Divorce Mediator

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When couples decide to end their marriage, there is a tendency for the parties involved to want to get as much as they can from the marital property and pay or give up as little as possible to the other party. At the end, though, this raises the issue of fairness and equity, while acknowledging the desires and needs underlying this attitude.

Divorce mediation is about helping divorcing couples achieve a fair and equitable distribution of what they owned together while they were married. This needs to be done in a way that takes the unique circumstances of the couple into account. Working in therapy with individuals who have experienced divorce has exposed me to the range of emotions that follow a divorce. It gives me also an insight into the financial burden that divorce can wrought if not properly handled. This experience has prepared me to be empathic and supportive when conducting a divorce mediation.

To avoid any appearance of conflict of interests, I do not engage in divorce mediation when any one of the divorcing couple has received any form of counseling from me. I also avoid any discussion with one party when the other party is not present. One reason for this is to create an environment in which both parties have equal say in the process. I also make sure that the clients understand that I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice and that they can always share what is agreed to in mediation with their lawyers before it is submitted to the courts for final settlement.

If you find that you can use my services as a divorce mediator, give me a call: 202-536-4403.

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