Out of Control Anger Problem? Here Are Suggestions to Overcome Anger!

December 28th, 2017 by

We, all, have experienced those times when things don’t go our way. In fact, there have been times when other people do things that simply don’t live up to our expectations. At one point or another, we’ve all experienced some form of anger in which we lose control of our emotions and end up saying and doing things that we regret later. Anger is part of everybody’s life. The concern, though, is what you do when you are angry. If you yell or hurt someone because you are angry, then your anger is out of control. Our anger management counselor in Washington DC can help you identify the root cause of your anger and how to manage it, effectively. Conflict resolution and problem-solving skills are taught.

Anger Management Counselor in Washington DC

Gaining control over the factors in your life and environment that trigger anger is a focus of therapy, for us. We, also, help you to identify lifestyle changes and emotion regulation skills that you need to manage your anger, daily. Below is a list of suggestions to get you started:

Make Time for Yourself – Setting apart that quiet time for yourself gives you critical moments to think and reflect on your life and circumstances. Self-monitoring and self-reflection open you up to more possibilities and alternate perspectives on the issues that cause you anger. These give you the tools to react, appropriately, to events and circumstances. As a result, you respond in more productive and helpful ways.

Address the Causes of Anger – There are certain people, places and things in your environment that tend to trigger uncomfortable and irritating feelings for you. You need to learn to acknowledge these sources of anger and avoid them. Our anger management counselor in Washington DC helps you to identify these factors that trigger anger in your life and work with you to rehearse how to minimize their impact. Dealing with multiple situations that trigger your anger, throughout the day, can be overwhelming. Hence, your need to learn stress reduction strategies that we offer.

Avoid Dwelling on Mistakes – Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes! So, it’s ok if you get it wrong, sometimes! It’s part and parcel of the process of learning and living. If you make mistakes or lose control of your anger, don’t lose hope. Learn from the experience and move on to achieve your goal. Blaming yourself or blaming someone else would not help.

Reframe Your Circumstance – How you interpret a situation determines how you will respond to it. When you change your interpretation of a situation, you see that situation in a new light and in a new way. You do not need to be constricted by the limitations of your own biased perspectives. Instead, open yourself to new possibilities and broaden your interpretations of events and circumstances. This will provide you with many options to resolve a problem.

Our anger management counselor at Power Counseling PLLC in Washington DC can help you stop anger from controlling your life, as you regain control of your emotions to excel in every area of life.

Separated From Spouse?? Tips To Cope UP With Separation

December 4th, 2017 by

When you separate from your spouse, your life can change, automatically. Indeed, your life can turn upside down, as emotions surge. Regardless of how amicable and necessary the separate was, coping with the aftermath of a divorce or separation is not easy. Tough, as it is, you can overcome the loss of a valued relationship, using the right coping tools that an experienced therapist can provide.

Divorce Mediator in Washington DC

At Power Counseling PLLC, we have experienced divorce mediator in Washington DC who can guide you through the complex process of getting divorced and the ensuing settlement agreement, as painless as possible. Through mediation, you are guided to negotiate an equitable share of your marital assets and helped to deal, effectively, with the emotional fall out of divorce.

Below are few tips to help you cope up with a break up in your relationship:

IT’S OKAY TO HAVE MIXED FEELINGS – Are you riding the roller coaster of conflicting emotions and feelings? This is perfectly normal among newly divorced people. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, confused, angry, excited, exhausted, or any other combination of emotions. As time passes, the mood swings will stabilize. At that point, you will regain a sense of purpose to move forward in this new chapter in your life.

GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK – Going through separation or divorce can be emotionally exhausting. So, give yourself a break, whenever possible. Get help from family and friends to complete certain chores, errands or tasks. You need time and space to heal from the emotional wounds of a divorce or separation.

SEEK HELP WHENEVER REQUIRED – There is no need to face all hiccups and go through the tough time, all alone. Share your feelings and hardships with your close friends and family. Consider making an appointment to talk to our divorce mediator about a solution that is less painful. Isolating yourself can raise your stress levels, interfere with your ability to perform in your job, and harm your overall health. Find the courage to ask for help.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF – As you go through divorce, you need to take good care of yourself. Make out time to exercise, eat well, and take as much rest as you need. Have a healthy body and mind to maintain your overall well-being and gain confidence. Make sure that you do not slip into any bad habits that might compromise your health. Avoid using or abusing alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to cope, since these can only further harm you.

EXPLORE YOUR INTERESTS – It’s time to reconnect with your inner self and give time to things, people and activities that you like the most. There must be hobbies you once loved when you were single, but gave up after you married your spouse. Take this time to find out what makes you happy, invest in hobbies and live a happy life ever after.

Divorce is not like taking a leisurely stroll in the park. At Power Counseling PLLC, our expert divorce mediator in Washington DC will work with you and help you and your partner to sort through everything that you own or owe, and guide you to achieve equitable and fair distribution of these, in a manner that reduces the usual stress associated with divorce.

Make the Holidays Exceptional, use These Tips!

November 27th, 2017 by

Often, children wait eagerly for the holidays. But, as we grow up, we tend to dread the holidays, as it can be stressful, too. With good preparation ahead, It is a wonderful time for merry making and great family time. On the other hand, there’s a lot that happens during the holidays that can be stressful or trigger conflict, even among family members.

Family Therapist in Washington DC

One of the biggest mistakes we make, during the holidays, says our experienced therapist at Power Counseling PLLC in Washington DC is that “we try to please everyone, except ourselves.” So, taking time to care for and nurture yourself is as important, this holiday season, as you care for family members and friends. Here are other tips to make your holiday season exceptional:

DEFINE HOLIDAYS for YOURSELF – We all grew up with a handed-down notion of what, exactly, the holidays are supposed to be. Often, we are expected to follow the traditional way of spending the holidays, with no one questions asked. This doesn’t, necessarily, have to be. You can bring in new traditions. Ask your children to share their views on holidays! How would they like to spend their holidays? Share your memories but create new ones by doing what makes everyone happy.

PLAN AHEAD – All good ideas succeed with proper planning. If you wait until the last minute, you may end up with avoidable mistakes. Set a time to explore your partner’s expectations, in relation to family expectations. Share with your spouse and other family members how you are willing to spend your time, ahead. Family dinners are especially important, during this holiday season.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF – For all the hard work you put in, so that your family has a meaningful holiday time together, make sure you also take a break and give time to yourself. Assign time for attending to your needs. From taking a longer bath to having a day with nothing to do, spend the holidays, as you like it. If you need to spend some time alone, sometimes, away from your family members, it’s okay.

VOLUNTEERING IS OKAY – You can make your holiday meaningful by volunteering for your favorite cause. You can give your time or things to others who are less fortunate. Spend time visiting elderly people, serve a hot lunch at Thanksgiving to children at the orphanage or donate goods to a family in need. Your children will benefit from learning that not everything that matters in life comes in pretty packages.

Our experienced family therapists at Power Counselling PLLC in Washington DC believe that using the tips above will provide you a great opportunity to strengthen your family ties and interactions. Use this season to help your family members feel connected, again. Family therapy can help you set up healthy patterns of interaction and communication that can last a lifetime. We, at Power Counseling, provide supportive counseling to help children and parents interact, communicate and grow together.

Let us know, in the Comments section below, how you are using these tips sheet with your family and any results that you get!

Your Guide to Surviving Depression and Anxiety Attack

November 7th, 2017 by

• Anxiety, depression or panic attacks can be life threatening or even deadly!!

When you have an anxiety attack, you can experience many symptoms that make you wonder if you are going to die. These symptoms can include uncontrolled and excessive worrying, sudden shortness of breath or palpitations, or even thoughts of suicide. These symptoms not only affect the mind but also your body. In the end, they can cause extreme fear for you — especially if you are experiencing them for the first time. Support in the form of psychological talk therapies offered by the depression and anxiety therapist at Power Counseling PLLC, in Washington DC can help you reduce, overcome and even resolve your problem of anxiety. The good news is that both depression and anxiety are treatable!

Depression and Anxiety therapist in Washington DC


During periods of anxiety or panic attacks, you can experience sweating, dizziness, a racing heart, chest pain, or numbness. A typical anxiety attack lasts for about 10 minutes, during which the sufferer experiences extreme thoughts that might lead them to believe they are going crazy, or that they’re dying. The good news is that it doesn’t always lead to death, as distressing as it can be. Some people have even confused a panic attack with a heart attack. They may share similar symptoms but they are not the same!

Watch out for Stress

Stress can lead to panic attack.  Although panic attacks seem to come out of nowhere, yet they can be triggered by traumatic life events, lack of sleep, drug abuse, alcohol and caffeine abuse, or by specific chemical and hormonal imbalances, to name a few.

If you suffer panic attack, for the first-time, it’s a good idea to go to the emergency room. It is always a good idea to rule out the possibility that any physical conditions are the leading cause of the anxiety attack. Once you’ve determined that what you have is anxiety attack, a few simple lifestyle changes are needed, such as engaging in regular exercise, getting adequate sleep, and learning the basic skills of mindfulness. Ten minutes  of mindfulness practice per day can significantly reduce the severity of, or eliminate panic attacks, altogether.

MINDFULNESS: In its most basic form, mindfulness means focusing your attention, with the goal of diminishing stimulation. To enhance the effect of mindfulness, deepen and slow your exhalation. Inhale the next breath, deeply, so much so that the belly rises and the bottom lobes of your lung expand. Take eight such breath without judgment and analysis.

Eventually, your mind will feel relaxed and begin to wander less. The simple practice of mindfulness and therapy lessons may help you remain calm and at peace. Our depression and anxiety therapist at Power Counseling PLLC in Washington DC will help you understand the underlying causes of an anxiety attack and will teach you strategies to overcome those feelings. It’s important to practice mindfulness in between counseling sessions to get the best results in the end.

Family Therapist in Washington DC Helps Parents Focus on Child’s Temperament

October 25th, 2017 by

The unique individual characteristics of each child define the way in which he/she approaches the world. This is what temperament is about. The Power Counseling PLLC Family Therapist in Washington DC can help you understand your child’s temperament and use that knowledge to be the best parent for your child. Seeking professional family counseling from an experienced therapist can help you anticipate your child’s responses to certain situations, because you understand their temperament.

Family Therapist in Washington DC

Generally, activity level, emotional intensity, frustration tolerance, reaction to new people and change are the five traits that describe an individual’s temperament. Temperament is not something that is being created. Instead it’s what your child has. A child’s temperament shapes the way he/she experiences the world. For instance, if students are invited to attend a classmate’s birthday party, a child who is cautious and needs time to feel comfortable in new situations may choose not to attend. On the other hand, the child who is more outgoing may be the first one to drop-in for the party.


The way a child behaves and approaches the world is shaped by his/her experiences and the way they interact with their parents. For instance, children who are temperamentally shy can suddenly become more outgoing and comfortable in new situations or settings. If you are a parent, expect that, sometimes your child can act or react in a way that you may not expect. The fact that your child can surprise you is one of the most exciting and even delightful rewards of parenthood.


It’s very important to accept your children for who they are, although there are temperaments, which are much easier to handle. Ask a parent whose child has a reactive, intense behavior; one whose child is very shy and the one whose child is slow in mixing with others. They will tell you that parenting these children present different challenges. But each will accept what they have and work with each child to change what needs to change. Your child’s behavior may remind you of your own areas of weakness that you need to work on and change, such as being easily hurt by someone’s unkindness. Sometimes, you may feel discomfort with the ways in which your child is very different from you. All of that is normal.


Have you ever felt yourself isolated from, being misunderstood or even put down by family, friends, and neighbors who judge your child or your parenting skills? Do not feel disheartened. Instead, use these situations as opportunities to educate others about your child or to learn more about what to do to help your child change about themselves or their behaviors. You can also help others see your child’s behavior from a different perspective.

The goal of the family therapist at Power Counseling PLLC in Washington DC isn’t necessarily to change your child’s temperament, but to help them make their temperament work for them. The therapist shows them their strengths and work with them on the areas where they may need more support to improve. The family therapist helps your child adapt and expand his/her world, and to feel more confident about their place in it.

Common Problems that Relationship Therapist in Washington DC Can Help With

October 16th, 2017 by

Do you feel like you want to seek divorce from your partner? Have you found that your partner is cheating on you? Including these, there are many reasons why people look for relationship counseling. Our relationship therapist at Power Counseling PLLC in Washington DC has noted some common problems from couples who seek help for their marriage. Certainly, there are many other marital issues, which can be addressed during therapy sessions. Based in Washington DC, Power Counseling PLLC has experienced relationship therapists to help you reclaim your relationship. They help you get back in love and reclaim your lives together.

relationship therapists in Washington DC

BLENDED FAMILIES & REMARRIAGE – Divorcees are more likely to be a bit nervous about getting married again. According to the statistics, the divorce rates for second marriages are even higher than first marriages. And for the ones who already have kids, blending two families becomes difficult. Relationship therapists assist couples in making a smoother transition. They also help them overcome obstacles and barriers to remarriage.

MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS – If one partner has a mental health issue, it certainly impacts the other partner, as well as their relationship. Mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, can take a toll on a relationship, over time. Other mental health issues, such as bipolar disorder can also interfere with a couple’s ability to maintain a healthy relationship. For example, communication is difficult for someone dealing with bipolar disorder given their frequent mood changes. Couples can benefit by attending therapy sessions together to learn how to work together to treat and deal with mental illness.

PHYSICAL HEALTH CHANGES – Physical health problem often has a big impact on marriage. As a couple experiences a gradual, age-related decline in health, it can significantly interfere with their activities together, including their sexual life. Life changing events, such as involvement in auto accident, or chronic illnesses like diabetes, can bring about a big change in their marriage. If one partner is unable to work or help in household chores, it can lead to a lot of marital problems, if it is not addressed effectively.

ADDICTIONS & GRIEF – Addiction is one of the most common reasons why couples seek help from the relationship therapist. However, addiction doesn’t necessarily have to be to drugs or alcohol. Cybersex or Internet addictions and gambling addictions are common, as well. Whether a couple is grieving the loss of a child, or loss of a parent, it can be devastating to the marriage. Before the fear tears both of you apart, seek help from the relationship therapist at Power Counseling PLLC in Washington DC.

COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS – Communication is one of the important keys that open doorways to a happy, healthy and a successful relationship. But, if a couple struggles to communicate, then everything from solving problems, resolving conflict, and making decisions become difficult and stressful. Our marriage therapist helps couples learn new skills to make their communication better and more functional.

Do not wait until the last minute, when things go out of control and cannot be resolved easily, often leading to separation. If you’ve been thinking about seeing a marriage counselor, Power Counseling PLLC has a team of award-winning relationship therapists in Washington DC who provide some of the best solutions to common relationship issues.

Suffering From Depression & Anxiety? Here Are Tips To Live Happily

August 2nd, 2017 by

At some point of life, every one of us suffers from depression or anxiety. During the times of high stress, transition or after a traumatic event the feelings are very much natural. Starting college, a new class, moving away from home or preparing for finals can cause anxiety, sadness or both. Support in the form of psychological talk therapies offered by the depression and anxiety therapist in Washington DC helps you reduce, overcome and even resolve your problem of anxiety completely.

depression and anxiety therapist

For everything, there is a solution available. In the same way, there are many healthy ways to overcome depression and anxiety. The easiest ways are to reduce the amount of stress in your life.

Abide by these tips for managing moments of high stress or anxiety:

• Take deep and slow breaths
• Slowly count in your head
• Force yourself to think positive
• Let the positive thoughts pop up
• Visualize success and positivity
• Take breaks from long projects
• Avoid alcohol and drug consumption

Daily tips for reducing feelings of depression and anxiety include:

• Make sure to get enough sleep at night
• Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet
• Exercise moderately
• Take a yoga or meditation class
• Participate in creative activity such as playing music
• Avoid isolation by connecting with friends and family

There are few people for whom the feelings of depression and anxiety last for longer duration. They’re unable to overcome unhappy feelings without help. That is when they require the helping hand of Depression and Anxiety therapist.

If you’re suffering from intense sadness for more than two weeks or you feel persistent symptoms of anxiety for more than a month, it might be possible that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder or a type of clinical depression.

Fortunately, Power Counseling has experienced depression and anxiety therapist in Washington DC can develop a plan to treat your anxiety or depression. You can experience relief from depression or anxiety by working with us in individual therapy sessions. Our practices offer premium-level counseling and life coaching services to deal with other life challenges.

If you have a strong feeling as if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, depression or if thoughts of harming yourself pop up frequently, then the need of the hour is to seek help from a therapist or counselor who specialize in treating your problem. Talk therapy can often relieve symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Often in many situations, therapists may prescribe the antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications. However, it’s highly recommended to talk to your therapist about the benefits and risks of medications before taking them and determine the best treatment for you.

Serious mental health problems can’t be cured with one or two therapy sessions. A lot of time and hard work is involved in the same. Our depression and anxiety therapist will help you understand the underlying causes of sadness or anxiety and teach you strategies to overcome those feelings. It’s important to practice those strategies in between counseling sessions in addition to practicing the tips listed above to get the best results in the end.

How Does Your Therapist Help You Heal from Anxiety?

June 15th, 2017 by

Everyone will have anxiety at some point in his or her life. However, when anxiety becomes pervasive or overwhelming, it may become difficult to cope with everyday stressors. Support in the form of psychological talk therapies offered by the depression and anxiety therapist at Power Counseling PLLC, in Washington DC, will help you to reduce your symptoms of anxiety.

Depression and Anxiety therapist in Washington DC

But, how can therapy (the very thought of which might leave you feeling even more anxious) make your anxiety any better? It can help in the following ways:

• You Can Finally Admit the Full Extent of Your Anxiety – The illogical nature of anxiety can leave people feeling ashamed, often. People feel ashamed of what they are going through, meaning they can hide their suffering from friends and family – and even from themselves. Therapy creates the opportunity for you to speak out loud about the true extent of all that you’ve been suffering. This can give you huge relief and healing.

• You Can Be Fully Understood – A therapist neither makes their client feel silly nor judge them for being anxious. On the contrary, they will take your anxiety very seriously. They know, from their training and in talking to others, what you are talking about. Everything you will share with them will not leave them surprised as they would have already dealt with many similar cases before.

• You Get Clarity On Why You Suffer Anxiety – Often, if you suffer from anxiety, you start feeling disconnected from what’s really going on around you. It often becomes impossible for you to see and think about how it all began. A therapist is trained and skilled at helping you understand just how you might have developed anxiety as a coping mechanism.

• You Gain Fresh Insights Into Your Triggers – Anxiety can be connected to certain triggers, especially when it comes to anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). A therapist can help you be clear on what those triggers are. You might find that you can catch and circumvent your anxiety faster than you realize if you learn to pay attention to things, such as the subtle bodily sensations that come before an anxiety attack.

• You Might Find New & Effective Ways Of Handling Your Anxiety – Anxiety is an awful, uncomfortable feeling for most people. So, when anxiety hits, we develop ways of trying to not feel it, which might provide short-term relief. Of course, these exact ways of coping might be prolonging your anxiety, not helping it! Depression and anxiety therapist in Washington DC helps you find other ways of managing your anxieties that are more adaptive and healthy and lead to you feeling better about yourself and your life.

• You Learn Techniques To Bring Instant Relief When Anxiety Hits – Therapists are trained at teaching a range of techniques that help you deal successfully with anxiety. These can include things like: body relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, visualization techniques and mindfulness. Cognitive behavioral therapy, the most common sort of therapy offered for anxiety, can also teach you ways to challenge your thoughts and test your behavior.

It is always recommended that you seek help for your anxiety. It’s important that you do not brush off your anxiety as no big deal. Left untreated, persistent anxiety is a leading cause of serious depression, as well as a contributor to addictions like alcoholism and drug use. Yes, we all get anxious when life is challenging. But ongoing feelings of anxiousness can be dealt with. All you need to do is visit the reliable and professional depression and anxiety therapist at Power Counseling PLLC, in Washington DC.

Reflections of a Therapist

January 11th, 2017 by

Introducing my Blog – What you can expect to read about!

Dr. Azubike Aliche, LCSW

In any typical work day, a therapist juggles many different activities, some billable, others not. In her core clinical work, a therapist sees sometimes up to eight clients per day and each of these comes with his or her own problems for resolution. If the client is new, the therapist is working on building a therapeutic relationship with the client while attempting to get a good insight into the problems laid before her. Accurate diagnosis relies on detailed assessment and information gathering. Then, there are other issues such as goal setting and treatment planning. If this is a client that has been in therapy for some time, the therapist worries about whether the client is making progress with recovery.

In the course of a work day, the therapist spends a considerable amount of time listening to others share their problems. Sometimes, as in couple or family therapy, the issues are contentious and the therapist is forced to act as moderator, facilitator or even mediator. Group therapy presents similar challenges. All of these take some toll on the therapist’s emotional health; burnout it is often called. Indeed research has shown this to constitute some form of vicarious trauma for the therapist. For many therapists, though, there lies the joy of the vocation. Therapists do what they do mainly because they are in it to help people to deal effectively with things that bother them, be they relationship or mental health difficulties. So, cultivating a good listening and perceptive skills is key to success in the business.

There are other things that engage the attention of a therapist in private practice that are not billable but important, too. These include marketing, documentation, billing and accounting. Marketing will encompass all efforts to attract clients to the business, such as building and updating the website; setting appointments and calling clients to remind them of appointments; attending networking and social events to pass the word and business card about your business, etc. Spending time on the phone with health insurance customer service reps and or clients to collect payments due has become a big part of our job.

The point about all of the above is that there is a lot that a therapist can reflect upon and share at the end of the day’s job. That is what this blog will do – an opportunity for me to look back at the issues for the day and highlight what the reading public needs to know. It’s not going to be an expert blog on any of the issues that I specialize in my work. It’s also not going to be an alternative to a therapy room. Rather, I will discuss some of the issues that my clients present in therapy and highlight and comment on aspects of these that the public might be interested in. Every attempt will be made to remove anything that can be traced to any client or threaten the confidentiality that my clients are entitled. The goal will be to give the reading public insight into what happens in the therapy room – the issues and attempts to wrestle with them! Many would like this form of education about our work as therapists!

Dr. Aliche can be reached at 856-906-6167856-906-6167 or using

Feedback will be appreciated.