Adult sex offender counselor in Washington DC


Practice Goals and Target Population

Majority of imprisoned adult sex offenders will, someday, return to the community, often under probation or parole supervision. To help them not reoffend, parole/probation supervision is usually not enough. Even those who received sex offender-specific therapy while in prison need aftercare treatment. In most cases, those who never received any kind of treatment while in prison do need sex-offender-specific psychotherapy. Our experienced adult sex offender counselor at Power Counseling PLLC in Washington DC offers this treatment. The treatment program, at Power Counseling PLLC, uses the cognitive–behavioral methods, essentially. At Power Counseling, we provide specialized, outpatient program that includes a comprehensive bio-psychosexual evaluation and ongoing individual therapy.

Adult sex offender counselor in Washington DC


Components of the Therapy Program

Our expert and the highly skilled sex offender counselor will meet you for initial assessment session, to collect demographic data, identify risk factors for further offending, assess your readiness for change and to discuss your treatment needs. The counselor may ask you to fill out questionnaires.

  • Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy (CBT)-
  • focuses attention on irrational thoughts, beliefs and behaviors of the offenders that lead them to engage in deviant sexual activities. It helps offenders correct their negative, distorted thought patterns. It also teaches offenders to identify and engage in prosocial activities, as well as to develop coping and problem-solving skills.

  • Insight-oriented Psychotherapy –
  • The use of CBT in sex offender counseling, at Power Counseling PLLC, is supplemented by using insight-oriented therapy in individual setting. These are forms of traditional therapy practices, such as talk therapy and exploring the underlying issues and problems behind such hurtful sexual behaviors.


The Benefits Of Sex Offender Specific Treatment To The Offender

  • Get the tools that you need to identify your specific risk factors and develop a personalized plan for preventing such abuse in the future.
  • Identify and decrease unhealthy and hurtful behavior patterns.
  • Accept full responsibility for your harmful behavior.
  • Understand the impact of your harmful behaviors on yourself and others.
  • Develop healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors.
  • Learn about the cycle of the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that resulted in your choice to involve in sexually abusive behavior.

Our highly skilled and experienced adult sex offender counselor in Washington DC is available to help you work to avoid taking another victim. The duration of treatment program varies and depends on the gravity of your offense, whether you had prior sex offender treatment and progress made in treatment. Treatment is not complete until you change your abusive behavior and has covered the program curriculum